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Articles and Code for ASP and IIS

Download Code More Information ADO Version/Properties Checking
There are more versions on ADO (and ODBC drivers, OLE-DB providers - you name it) out there with different functionality than you might like. This niftly little script allows you to collect all vital version information as well as other DBMS capabilities in seconds using ADO properties.

More Information ADSI and IISAO
Active Directory (AD) is mandatory know-how for Windows 2000, however, did you know that you can use AD services on NT4 to administer IIS4? This article goes into detail about ADSI and how to use it in ASP pages.

Download Code More Information Event Calendar
When you want to provide an event calendar on your site (which allows online administration), then look no further - get it with all ASP code.

Download Code More Information Guest Book
If you want to add a guest book to your site, then this article is for you - it contains full source code and the necessary Access database to get up and running immediately. A complete introduction to ADO is provided!

Download Code More Information Locales
Do you want to know how to format numbers, currency values or dates for a specific locale? This article shows you how to do this with little effort. Source code included!

Download Code More Information Object Checker
Most of us are hosting their web sites on servers at an ISP where you don't have full control over the software (components) installed. How do you figure out whether components you need are installed? That's where this neat script can help you.

Download Code More Information Search Wizard
Ever wanted to have a central location from which you can search all the most important search engines plus your own Web site? Here is the solution with source code included!

Download Code More Information SQL Server Manager
The Web interface for SQL Server Enterprise Manager - programmed using ASP and SQLOLE. Full source code. Currently only tested for SQL Server 6.5.


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