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Web Sites Dealing with ASP

Active Server Pages have changed the way of programming Web sites drastically. To help you keep up-to-date with new technologies, tools, tips and tricks in this area, the following table provides some of the web links that you should find helpful.

Site Name Description
ActiveServerPages.Com A great site with information on ASP, components, programming tips and book reviews.
ASP Resource Index The ASPin(dex) sports links to components, consultants, ASP resources and much more. Organized much like the popular Yahoo! Index - for ASP!
15 Seconds 15 Seconds is a twice-monthly online publication written for Internet developers and content providers about IIS, ISAPI and Active Server.
Active Server Corner Another great resource for ASP. Maintained by Manohar Kamath, an MVP for ASP.
ASPfree.com Want ASP or ASP components for free? Look no further.
Action Jackson Web Developer Central Resource of news, articles, books and links for ASP, ADO/SQL, ADSI/WSH, DHTML, IIS and VID including Discussion Forums, Components, IIS Hosts, Jobs and much more.
ASP-Help.com ASP-Help.com offers over 2,500 pages of Active Server Pages and SQL reference material and tutorials.
ASP Sites Resource Guide ASPSites.com lists sites by category, by popularity, and by rating. Using the keyword search, you'll find the resources you're looking for quickly.
Microsoft Developer Network The Microsoft Developer Network sports useful information about every aspect of development for MS platforms, including but not limited to Web server technologies.
Microsoft Active Server Support Information and links supporting users of Internet Information Server especially in the area of Active Server Pages programming and administration.
Microsoft Internet Information Server Microsoft's site for IIS where you can download the latest versions, tools and demos as well as deployment examples and more.
Microsoft Visual Studio Web Site The site dedicated to the Visual Studio suite, which contains Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Visual J++ and Visual InterDev.
Microsoft BackOffice Live Information about the entire BackOffice platform offered by Microsoft. You can see the BackOffice family of products in action at this site.
ASP Developer Network Another site dedicated to bringing you information about the server-side development.
Windows NT ActiveX Server BBS Forums for Microsoft technology can be found on this server. Created using ASP and built like the BBSs' you are already used to.
Stephen Wynkoop Features ASP, SQL Server, etc. columns and information - currently over 20,000 pages.

International Sites

Site Name Description
AspGerman The premier site for german ASP resources, tips and tricks, articles and links. This site is managed by the creator of IISDEV.
ASPSweden Information on ASP and related technologies in Swedish.
GASP A french site about Active Server Pages.

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