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Online SQL Server Maintenance Utility - free

Last updated: 02/27/97, Initial Release

If your database server running Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 is somewhere on the Net, you canīt use the Enterprise Manager or ISQL/w (if it is located behind a firewall, as in most cases). The web interface presented in this article allows you to administer SQL Server via any browser across the Internet - using the SQL Distributed Management Objects (SQLDMO for short).

The source code that is provided here (only for download - sorry, we canīt show how it works on our server) allows you to view definitions for tables, views and stored procedures. Take a look at some screenshots instead. It also has a built-in SQL query builder that allows you to execute any SQL statement against your database.


Download (size is approx. 7KB)
Created for Microsoft Internet Information Server with Active Server Pages. Tested with SQL Server version 6.5.

If you do have any questions, send mail to Christoph Wille.


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