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Search Wizard for IIS - free

Last updated: 01/14/97, Initial Release

Microsoft once had a search wizard on their homepage (around the time this one was created), which was pretty cool - and very smart too, so I decided that I wanted the same thing on my own site. I started out by guessing what they did, and came up with this.

The source code for this search wizard is free, you can use it on your own web sites.


The main page of the wizard is search.asp. It contains all "layout" for the wizard. Only one line of code is there: Getting the actual path of this wizard page (<%= Request.ServerVariables("PATH_INFO")%>) for use in paging back to "New Query" from an Index Server results page.

All of the work is done in redir.asp. It checks the variable SearchType for the type of server the query should be run against. All information about the parameters and their meaning (as far as I could figure out) are also contained in this document. This SearchType param is then used in a select case statement to rebuild the query string for the actual search engine (with reapplying the URL Encoding). This final string is then sent with Response.Redirect back to the client, which in return queries the search server. Thatīs it!

More documentation can be found in doc.asp, which is included in the downloadable zip file (see below).


Download (size is approx. 20KB)
Created for MS Internet Information Server and MS Index Server


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