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Support Central - FAQ

In the FAQ, we record the most commonly asked questions regarding our products. Check this place first before sending a support request.

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FAQ List

The frequently asked questions are orderd by product. If you don't find your question already answered, then send us a support request.


1 How do I tell the difference between evaluation and full version?
2 How fast is PortalPageFilter?
3 Creating Indexable Hidden Links for Drop Downs, etc.
4 Why don't you automatically rewrite URLs in outgoing pages?
5 Can I change the rewriting-prefix "PPF"?
6 Can I use PortalPageFilter with PHP?


1 Can I turn off page caching in AspTear 1.0?
2 Where can I get a Type Library for AspTear?
3 How do I upgrade Components on a Web server?
4 Is the upgrade from 1.2.x to 1.5 free?
5 Why can't I retrieve images and send them to the client?
6 Do you have an ASP script to check the installed license?
7 What error codes can be returned from a remote Web server?
8 How can I install AspTear without using Setup or reguser.exe (ISP setup)?
9 What causes error 406 in conjunction with the Save method?
10 Does AspTear support HEAD requests?
11 The ConnectionTimeout property doesn't seem to work properly - any advice?
12 Which fixes are included in AspTear 1.2.5?
13 Do you have a list of error codes returned by AspTear?
14 Do you have a Type Libary for AspTear 1.50?


1 Is remote-machine DSN creation supported by OdbcRegTool?
2 How can I get rid of the error "Could not write to the registry" on Windows 2000?
3 What does the error "invalid keyword value pairs" mean?
4 How can I install OdbcRegTool without using Setup or reguser.exe (ISP setup)?

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