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COM Components - free

Download More Information AspEventLog Component 2.0
It is not uncommon for applications to report exceptional events to the Application event log of Windows NT, which can be easily viewed using the Event Viewer, even across the network. This free component allows you to easily add events to NT's Application event log directly from within an ASP page. Version 2.0 adds support for logging to remote servers as well as using custom event sources.

Download More Information AspEventViewer Component 1.0
Here is the component you need to read the event log from either ASP scripts or any other Automation application. The component is free, samples for ASP and MS Excel are supplied!

Download More Information AspQPerfCounters Component 1.0
Performance and activity information can be gathered using Windows NT's Performance Monitor. Performance counters provide information on various operating system conditions, as well as for other applications, such as IIS and ASP. The AspQPerfCounters component allows you to query performance counters from an ASP page across the Internet, thus allowing you to easily monitor your Web server.

Download More Information AspTear Component 1.0
You want to tear web pages from other servers using ASP script and don't want to pay for the component? Then here's the solution for you: The component is free, supports GET and POST, SSL, redirects and returns a string for immediate processing.

Download More Information AspTouch Component 1.0
Changing a file's date and time is a task that is referred to as touching, and reasons for doing so range from applying a common timestamp to all files of a project or enforcing a certain timestamp for purposes of searching such as with Index Server. AspTouch performs the touch operations quick and efficiently for you.

Download More Information Design Time Controls 1.0
Though these are not components you can use in a server enviroment, these Design Time Controls (DTC) can be used to script server-side objects with Visual InterDev, which is a convenient tool for creating ASP pages. However, it doesn't come with DTC's for everything - here are some controls to extend the reach of Visual InterDev!

Download More Information Euro Conversion Component 1.0
Get full Euro support for your Web and Automation applications for free. The component has a professional help file, an installation program and lots of examples! The source code is part of the CodeLook Program.

Download More Information FileCache Component 2.1
Writing files to the client using the FileSystemObject isn't much fun - here's a way for speeding it up, making coding easier! Version 2.1 supports Save As functionality and absolute paths (files outside the Web site's directories). Just as always, this component is free!

Download More Information LocaleFormatter Component 1.0
IIS4 sports the Session.LCID property, which allows formatting of numbers, monetary values, dates and time values. Though quite useful, it has some side-effects and quirks, therefore the LocaleFormatter component came into being with much the same functionality and better - you can take a look behind the curtain of the component because the source code is also available! And both the component and source code are FREE (like always). Remember, IIS won't implement it in a very different manner..., so taking a look at this source code helps you understand some of the features of IIS!

Download More Information MacBinary Xtraction Component 1.0
Uploading files from a MS IE 4.5 for MacIntosh poses one big problem - the files are submitted in the MacBinary format, which mangles the data fork, resource fork and a header. The interesting part on a Windows NT IIS Web server, however, is only the data fork. This component is capable of extracting the data fork from a MacBinary file, working with all major File Upload components.

Download More Information OdbcRegTool Component 1.5
Up to IIS3, you had small CGI apps for creating ODBC datasources, however, these disappeared in version 4. Because the functionality of creating DSNs via a webform can be useful, I have created a component that allows exactly that: creating DSNs via the Web (PLUS removing DSNs!).

Download More Information Profiling Component 1.1
How do you decide which piece of code is faster? Guessing isn't the right decision, profiling is! This component measures the runtime of the piece of code you want to profile, allowing you to verify your performance improvements.

Download More Information RegServer Component 1.0
This lightweight component allows you to register and unregister components from any Automation environment, including ASP and WSH. The component is free.

Download More Information VersionInfo Component 1.1
The free VersionInfo Component allows you to retrieve version information just like Explorer or FileManager - with a killer feature for component application: it is capable of retrieving version information given only the ProgId of a component! By the way, you can also ask for version information if you only know the file's location...

Download More Information W3INFO Component 1.0
Ever wanted to know which Web server software is used to run a certain Web site? This component returns generic server information.

Download More Information Xtensible Shopping Bag Component 1.0
A thing that is re-implemented many times is a shopping bag - there's always something different to it. To make an end to this problem, we created the Xtensible Shopping Bag (XSB), which besides storing standard properties (product id, product name, price, quantity) allows you to add as many custom properties as you like. In addition to this great functionality, it contains more high-tech: internally, it is based on XML - therefore scaling to large numbers of users as Session state is stored as XML data, not as object.


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