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1999's News for IIS Development

01.12.99 AspTouch Component 1.0
We have added the AspTouch component, which allows you to change file timestamps efficiently from within ASP or WSH scripts. It is free, and our first IISDEV component that is delivered as Windows Installer Package. Get It.

23.11.99 RegServer Component 1.0
The new RegServer component allows you to register components from within any Automation environment, including ASP and WSH. Get the free component.

19.11.99 FileCache Component 2.1
The popular FileCache component was updated. It is now faster through improved caching and we've also fixed small bugs. We recommend that you get it.

15.11.99 IISdev's New Home
IISDEV has found its new home - AlphaSierraPapa.com. The components and articles are still maintained by Christoph Wille.

01.11.99 IISdev News
Christoph Wille has left Softwing. He is busily creating a new home for IISdev, which will be available later in November.

28.08.99 MacBinary Xtraction Component 1.0
When you upload files using the MS IE 4.5 for MacIntosh, you are up for a surprise - the files won't open on Mac or PC again because they were sent using the MacBinary format. The Conversion Component takes care of creating a valid file for you. It is free.

28.08.99 Win a ticket for the ASP Professional Web Developers Conference
Want to win a ticket for this conference in London (22-24th November)? I bet you do! All you have to do is answer three simple questions. Contest has been closed already.

26.08.99 CodeLook Program For Our Components
A long requested service by individuals and companies has started today - the CodeLook Program for (almost) all of our components. You get the source code for examination, plus all the updates that will become available in the future. Get it for a one-time fee!

26.08.99 Euro Component available for FREE
The former commercial Euro Conversion Component is now available for FREE! Get full Euro support for your Web and Automation applications for free. The component has a professional help file, an installation program and lots of examples! Get it today. The source code is part of the CodeLook Program.

15.08.99 FileCache Component 2.0
The FileCache component has been updated to also allow you to work with files that do not reside in the Web site's directory structure.

02.08.99 IISDEV is AspWire Affiliate
We are now an affiliate site of AspWire, the definitive news service for ASP. You can see the latest news from AspWire directly on our IISDEV main page without leaving.

02.08.99 VersionInfo 1.1 Released
Though it is only one month after the initial release, we have released a follow-up to the VersionInfo component. It is now capable of working with EXE Automation Servers (such as "Excel.Application"), identifying Transaction Server-hosted components (such as "ExAir.History") and now also resolves system variables correctly.

19.07.99 Xtensible Shopping Bag Component 1.0
We have added yet another free component that we think will come in handy for many of you - a shopping bag solution that can be fully customized to your needs without having to reinvent the wheel every time. It supports standard properties (product id, product name, price, quantity), but allows you to add as many custom properties as you like. Also, it provides great scalability due to its internal design.

11.07.99 VersionInfo Component 1.0
The free VersionInfo Component allows you to retrieve version information just like Explorer or FileManager - with a killer feature for component application: it is capable of retrieving version information given only the ProgId of a component!

21.06.99 AspEventLog Component Updated
The AspEventLog Component has been updated to support logging to remote servers, custom event sources and also sports new, easier interfaces to log events.

22.04.99 ASPsoftwing Support List
The new ASPsoftwing support list is intended for you: Ask questions about IISDEV, the articles and the components, get answers, help others and let us know what you want to see next. The list is hosted by ActiveServerPages.com.

22.02.99 Component For Reading Performance Counters
A new FREE component has been added today - the AspQPerfCounters component which allows you to query performance counters from an ASP page and display them to the client. Get performance information delivered across the Internet!

14.02.99 OdbcTool Component Updated
The OdbcTool component, used for creating and removing system data sources has been updated (as well as the samples).

20.01.99 New and Updated Eventlog Components
The AspEventViewer component has been updated to version 1.00.02 (if you are using older versions, please upgrade though changes might seem minor). The newly added component is AspEventlog, which allows you to log events directly to the Application eventlog from within your ASP pages.

14.01.99 Event Calendar - Updated for IIS4 & ADO 2.0
One of our oldest assets, the Event Calendar, has been updated for Internet Information Server 4.0 and ADO 2.0. Check out the new features and improvements!

04.01.99 AspTear Component
The AspTear Component allows you to tear web pages from other servers using ASP script - and it doesn't cost you a dime. The component is free, supports GET and POST, SSL, redirects and returns a string for immediate processing.

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