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1998's News for IIS Development

18.11.98 New Component, Component Updates
The FileCache component has been updated to version 1.1 with support for browser File Save As functionality. A new component for profiling ASP has been added to our components section.

18.11.98 Locale-aware formating component
A new FREE component (including the source code) showing you how to format monetary values, time and date values as well as month and day names. Intends to be a replacement for using Session.LCID and the VBScript locale-aware functions.

15.11.98 ADO Version/Properties Checking
There are more versions on ADO (and ODBC drivers, OLE-DB providers - you name it) out there with different functionality than you might like. This niftly little script allows you to collect all vital version information as well as other DBMS capabilities in seconds using ADO properties.

09.08.98 FileCache component
Writing files to the client using the FileSystemObject isn't much fun - here's a way for speeding it up, making coding easier! Just as always, this component is free!

19.05.98 Object Checker script
Most of us are hosting their web sites on servers at an ISP where you don't have full control over the software (components) installed. How do you figure out whether components you need are installed? That's where this neat script can help you.

07.04.98 Updates for ASP components
We have added two components to our IIS Development pages: The updated OdbcRegTool component (now includes the ability to delete DSNs) plus the new EventLogReader component for reading the event logs from ASP pages.

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