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Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Company History

The Name

The name of the company has to do with its roots - the company was started when Christoph's day job was programming Web sites using Active Server Pages (ASP). Therefore, the company name is ASP spelled out in radio alphabet.

Technical Background

Web programming was the reason to found the company (and have a Web site), however, Christoph's programming experience goes back to C/C++ and database programming including "big iron" like RDB. Included in the mix was a lot of system administration, starting on Windows NT 3.1. This is reflected by past MCSE / CNA credentials in addition to developer certifications.

Given the past customer base, a lot (if not most) of the content on this Web site is in English. Nonetheless, Christoph is a regular speaker at conferences in Germany and Austria, as well as trainer for various developer-centric topics.

Professional Associations

Christoph is a member of AspInsiders, as well as the Austrian Journalists Club ÖJC. He has been awarded with MVP status many years, unsurprisingly in the areas of Web development. You can read about Christoph's community activities in his blog.

Address Information

Christoph Wille dba AlphaSierraPapa
Vordernbergerstraße 27/8
8700 Leoben

Phone +43 699 19675231 Fax +43 3842 22620


z.Hd. Christoph Wille
Vordernbergerstraße 27/8
8700 Leoben

Telefon +43 699 19675231 Fax +43 3842 22620

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