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PortalPageFilter 1.0

You built an eCommerce Web site that is entirely dynamic, but you don't show up in the major search engines' results? The reason is the question mark ("?") that your URLs contain - spiders simply don't index such pages. Though you have thousands of pages, you just don't show up.

This is where PortalPageFilter comes to the rescue - it makes your site appear entirely static to the outside, while retaining Active Server Pages (ASP) query string functionality on the inside! Minimum programming required, maximum search engine exposure guaranteed!

How does it work?

Take a look at the following URL from a Web store:

The above URL is ignored by search engines if found in a referring page. However, the URL generated by PortalPageFilter isn't:

All you have to do is call a function provided by us to generate the URL on the referring page, but the calling page does not need to be modified - PortalPageFilter presents a standard query string, just as it was before!

Your Benefits

The #1 benefit is of course that your Web site now looks much bigger - your entire dynamic content (stored in databases, etc) is now indexed by spiders, resulting in many more hits when someone searches the Web. Your visibility just rose enormously.

We have also taken care of all functionality needs for you - easy installation, easy deployment, zero administration overhead.

I want to test-drive it!

We anticipated that - therefore we provide a time-unlimited trial version, which has only one limitation: it processes doorway pages only for the directory "/ppfeval/". (There must be some incentive for you to buy the full version.)

Download (34 KB) - see also Documentation and Samples

I want to buy it!

PortalPageFilter is sold as ESD, which means you get the full version immediately after purchase.

There are two versions available, depending on your needs:

Single Web Site License
License good for one Web site
€ 125.- Buy Now!

Server License
License good for unlimited Web sites per server
€ 350.- Buy Now!

Documentation and Samples

We have created sample applications that work both with the evaluation (trial) and the full version of PortalPageFilter. Simply unzip the samples to the root directory of your Web site. Download (230 KB)

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