double ConvertToEuro(double, VARIANT)
Convert a monetary value to Euro. Can be used with a currency symbol (must be stored in the component already; by default, the EURO-11 currency symbols and exchange rates are available) or an exchange rate.
dResult = xObj.ConvertToEuro(100.00, "ATS")
dResult = xObj.ConvertToEuro(100.00, 13.9114)


double ConvertFromEuro(double, VARIANT)
Given a monetary value in Euro, converts it to a currency you selected either by currency symbol or an exchange rate.
dResult = xObj.ConvertFromEuro(7.19, "ATS")
dResult = xObj.ConvertFromEuro(7.19, 13.9114)


double Triangulate(double, VARIANT, VARIANT)
Intended for EMU to EMU participants conversions, as well as Non-EMU to Non-EMU and Non-EMU to Non-European (and vice versa). It effectively does two conversions:
  1. From currency 1 to Euro and
  2. from Euro to currency 2.
The intermediate result is not rounded, however, the end result is according to the guidelines.
dResult = xObj.Triangulate(100.00, "ATS", "DEM")
dResult = xObj.Triangulate(100.00, 13.9114, 1.9776)
dResult = xObj.Triangulate(100.00, 13.9114, "DEM")


double Round(double)
Allows you to round a monetary value according to the guidelines from the Maastricht treaty.
dResult = xObj.Round(123.3444)


double GetExchangeRate(String)
Returns the exchange rate for a given currency symbol. By default, the component knows only about the exchange rates for the EMU-pariticipating countries.
dRate = xObj.GetExchangeRate("ATS")


boolean SetExchangeRate(String,Double)
Enables you to add new exchange rates to the ones the component already knows about. You can also replace the exchange rate for an existing exchange rate. No changes are persisted between different object creations (eg: create the object, change a rate, destroy the object, create it again).
' add a new currency symbol (Denmark) with its exchange rate
bSuccess = xObj.SetExchangeRate("DKK", 7.4666)
' change the exchange rate for an existing currency symbol
bSuccess = xObj.SetExchangeRate("ATS", 10.899)


Sub Initialize()
Reinitializes the component to the original 11 exchange rates. All added rates are dropped, all changes to EURO-11 currencies are discarded.