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The list of available products and additional licensing options can be found in the sidebar to the right. To purchase a product, simply follow the respective Buy link which will take you to our partner ShareIt.

Source Code Availability

Due to the popularity of our free components as well as the commercial components and their wide-spread use, many users contacted us about the availability of the source code for these components. Reasons ranged from being simply interested in how they were created to business needs to have source code in house for software they use.

The CodeLook Program provides you with the source code of our components.

Note to Softwing Customers

On November 1st, 1999, Christoph Wille took over the component business from SOFTWING. These customers are now supported by AlphaSierraPapa, and are of course egligible to receive future updates.


AspTear 1.50
AspTear allows you to tear Web pages off remote Web servers, from inside ASP or any other COM-capable application. A 15 day fully functional evaluation version is available. Learn more Buy

PortalPageFilter 1.0
PortalPageFilter makes your dynamic ASP Web site look to the outside as if it were static - thus enabling spiders to index your entire site, vastly increasing your visibility on Google and other indexes. On the inside, however, you don't have to change your ASP code. A must-have for every dynamic business! Learn more Buy

Related Licenses

Site Licenses
AspTear can be purchased as a site license, which allows you to install either on as many computers in your corporation as you desire. This license is also applicable if you want to redistribute either component with your packaged software. Learn more

The CodeLook package contains the source code of most of our free and commercial components, including AspTear, OdbcRegTool, the Xtensible Shopping bag and many more. Learn more Buy