ADO Properties Checker


ADO Version information:
ADO Version: 2.1
DBMS Name: Microsoft SQL Server
DBMS Version: 06.50.0255
OLE DB Version: 02.00
Provider Name: MSDASQL.DLL
Provider Version: 02.00.3002.23
Driver Name: SQLSRV32.DLL
Driver Version: 03.70.0517
Driver ODBC Version: 03.51

Connection Properties:
Current Catalog: guestbook
Active Sessions: 0
Asynchable Commit: False
Catalog Location: 1
Catalog Term: database
Catalog Usage: 7
Column Definition: 1
NULL Concatenation Behavior: 1
Data Source Name: guestbook4free
Read-Only Data Source: False
DBMS Name: Microsoft SQL Server
DBMS Version: 06.50.0255
GROUP BY Support: 2
Heterogeneous Table Support: 0
Identifier Case Sensitivity: 8
Maximum Index Size: 900
Maximum Row Size: 1962
Maximum Row Size Includes BLOB: False
Maximum Tables in SELECT: 16
Multiple Storage Objects: False
Multi-Table Update: False
NULL Collation Order: 4
OLE Object Support: 1
ORDER BY Columns in Select List: False
Prepare Abort Behavior: 2
Prepare Commit Behavior: 2
Procedure Term: stored procedure
Provider Name: MSDASQL.DLL
OLE DB Version: 02.00
Provider Version: 02.00.3002.23
Quoted Identifier Sensitivity: 8
Schema Term: owner
Schema Usage: 31
SQL Support: 267
Structured Storage: 1
Subquery Support: 31
Isolation Levels: 1118464
Isolation Retention: 0
Table Term: table
User Name: dbo
Pass By Ref Accessors: True
Transaction DDL: 8
Asynchable Abort: False
Data Source Object Threading Model: 1
Output Parameter Availability: 4
Persistent ID Type: 4
Multiple Parameter Sets: True
Rowset Conversions on Command: True
Multiple Results: 1
Provider Friendly Name: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
Connection Status: 1
Server Name: DIEHARD
Accessible Procedures: True
Accessible Tables: True
Integrity Enhancement Facility: True
Outer Join Capabilities: 127
Stored Procedures: True
Driver Name: SQLSRV32.DLL
Driver Version: 03.70.0517
Driver ODBC Version: 03.51
Like Escape Clause: Y
Special Characters: #$
Max Columns in Group By: 16
Max Columns in Index: 16
Max Columns in Order By: 16
Max Columns in Select: 4096
Max Columns in Table: 250
Numeric Functions: 8388607
SQL Grammar Support: 1
Outer Joins: Y
String Functions: 5242591
System Functions: 7
Time/Date Functions: 2097151
File Usage: 0
Active Statements: 1
Persist Security Info:
User ID: sa
Data Source: guestbook4free
Window Handle:
Prompt: 4
Connect Timeout: 15
Extended Properties: DSN=guestbook4free;SERVER=DIEHARD;UID=sa;WSID=TOPGUN;DATABASE=guestbook
Locale Identifier: 1033
Initial Catalog:
OLE DB Services: -1
Autocommit Isolation Levels: 4096

Recorset Properties:
Preserve on Abort: False
Blocking Storage Objects: True
Use Bookmarks: False
Skip Deleted Bookmarks: False
Bookmark Type: 1
Fetch Backwards: False
Hold Rows: False
Scroll Backwards: False
Column Privileges: True
Command Time Out: 30
Preserve on Commit: False
Delay Storage Object Updates: False
Immobile Rows: True
Literal Bookmarks: False
Literal Row Identity: True
Maximum Open Rows: 0
Maximum Pending Rows: 0
Maximum Rows: 0
Notification Phases: 31
Others' Inserts Visible: False
Others' Changes Visible: False
Own Inserts Visible: False
Own Changes Visible: False
Quick Restart: False
Reentrant Events: True
Remove Deleted Rows: False
Report Multiple Changes: False
Row Privileges: False
Row Threading Model: 1
Server Cursor: False
Objects Transacted: False
Updatability: 0
Strong Row Identity: False
IAccessor: True
IColumnsInfo: True
IColumnsRowset: True
IConnectionPointContainer: True
IRowset: True
IRowsetChange: False
IRowsetIdentity: False
IRowsetInfo: True
IRowsetLocate: False
IRowsetResynch: False
IRowsetScroll: False
IRowsetUpdate: False
ISupportErrorInfo: True
ISequentialStream: True
Column Set Notification: 3
Row Delete Notification: 3
Row First Change Notification: 3
Row Insert Notification: 3
Row Resynchronization Notification: 3
Rowset Release Notification: 3
Rowset Fetch Position Change Notification: 3
Row Undo Change Notification: 3
Row Undo Delete Notification: 3
Row Undo Insert Notification: 3
Row Update Notification: 3
Change Inserted Rows: True
Return Pending Inserts: False
IConvertType: True
Notification Granularity: 1
Access Order: 1
Bookmark Information: 0
Unique Rows: False
Query Based Updates/Deletes/Inserts: False
Generate a Rowset that can be marshalled: False
Position on the last row after insert: False
IRowsetChangeExtInfo: False
ODBC Cursor Type: 0
ODBC Concurrency Type: 15
BLOB accessibility on Forward-Only cursor: True
Include SQL_FLOAT, SQL_DOUBLE, and SQL_REAL in QBU where clauses: False
Force SQL Server Firehose Mode cursor: False
Force no parameter rebinding when executing a command: False
Force no command preparation when executing a parameterized command: False
Force no command reexecution when failure to satisfy all required properties: True
Bookmarkable: False