What is Triangulation?

Triangulation is a mandatory calculation rule effective 1st January, 1999. The reason why you have to use triangulation when converting monetary values with European countries' currencies is that there will be no direct exchange rates for countries that take part in the EMU (European Monetary Union). For example, there will be no direct exchange rate for Sterling to Deutschmarks.

The following table is intended to give you an overview of when you need to use triangulation:

From To Use Example
Non-euro European Non-euro European Triangulation DKK -> FRF
Non-euro European Non-European Triangulation DKK -> USD
Non-European Non-euro European Triangulation USD -> DKK
Non-European Non-European Division USD -> CHF
Non-euro European Euro Division DKK -> EUR
Non-European Euro Division USD -> EUR
Euro Non-European Multiplication EUR -> USD
Euro Non-euro European Multiplication EUR -> DKK