ASP Samples

All ASP samples can be found in the /samples/asp/ directory of your installation. It is recommended that you create a virtual directory on your web server pointing to this directory.

Dual Display

The files for this example are DualDisplay.asp and demo.mdb. The latter file is an MS Access 97 database, that holds a single table named Products. The table holds a product description and a price in Euro, which the script then displays in ATS (you can change this easily; especially interesting for sites with personalization to give customers the ability the get a quote in their preferred currency). Also demonstrates the use of DSN-less connections.

Background: The Maastricht treaty requires merchants to display monetarian values in Euro and local currency ("dual display") until the Euro finally is the single currency.

Euro Conversion Calculator

This is the sibling of the Conversion Application from the VB samples section. It allows you to convert to Euro as well as perform triangulation calculations with exchange rates or currency symbols. The corresponding ASP file is EuroCalculator.asp.

Rate Display

The GetRates.asp page retrieves the exchange rates for all EMU currencies from the component.

Maastricht-compliant Rounding

If you have existing monetarian values and want to correctly round them (two digits), then use the Round method provided by the component. The Rounding.asp sample shows you how to use it.