About Softwing

Softwing is dedicated to providing you with excellent service in various areas, including Windows NT networks, network security, database and Internet programming.

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Internet Programming (ASP & DHTML)

We have a long background on working with Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), with a focus on server-side programming using Active Server Pages (ASP).

We are able to implement solutions from low-end ranges using MS Access databases to high-end web sites that facilitate MS Site Server and MS SQL Server. Our client-side code is tested with Navigator versions 2 to current and Internet Explorer 3 to current.

Take a look at our totally free IIS Development pages to see what we could do for you!

Networks & Computer Security

Though our company's primary focus is on providing you with the Internet site solutions you need, we also consult companies on how to connect their networks securely to the Internet, how to plan and setup their networks, as well as doing the actual network configuration where a long expertise is desirable.

Databases and Three-Tier Solutions

We not only apply our knowledge about databases and three-tier implementations on web site projects, but also to Windows-based application solutions that access and modify business data on a large-scale database server. We use state-of-the-art technology, including the latest versions of Visual Studio, MS SQL Server and MS Transaction Server.

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